Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Perception - His n Her's

You think i am busy...i feel i am liberated
you feel i miss u all...i feel i am getting recharged
you think its a hard commute...i feel blessed for the ME time
you feel i have got lucky...i feel i would have managed anyway
you think life is easy..i feel it can always be
you think i get careless..i think  i know the importance
you think i will be on time...i think i know my priority
you think i will manage...i think that's wat i am best at
you think i have free time...i feel that's part of the work
you think i have more time...i think i make time
you think life's easy for me...i think i make and take it that way...:))

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How I Miss You...

Standing at the reception entrance
i look at the people walking with an aura so strong...!
Clouds roaring the way it did few years back
i too can hear the drops singing a welcome back song..!
So much i feel like hugging each n every leaf
yes I am back...back to the place where i belong...!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

U & Me

Few days we fight
for rest we hug tight

Few days we irritate
for rest we remain intimate

Few days we have an argument
for rest we understand and never comment

Few days we are best buddies
for rest we are the lovers doing comedies

Few days we think mature
for rest we are ready to listen more

Few days life just slows down
for rest it runs as if chasing the beautiful crown

Few days we may stay alone not to bother
for rest we know 'HE' will keep us together

Wednesday, March 19, 2008



She always has one or the other thing in her mind/heart but seldom she takes it out.External looks present her as a very practical n 21st century girl and u might have mistaken her for being less romantic n mushy mushy at times...may b for most of the things
but being a roomie I can tell she is just as sensitive as we all are...always she does not put everything into words that she feels but wat matters is that she actually feels it n u can feel it only if u r close enuf to her

we never had made it a habit or a routine to share everything that happens in the office or in general in our lives but incase some discussion we are....all open to each other without hiding anything...we speak up our heart.

small small things helped in forming the base for a silent and cherishable it making bfast tea for each other..jst a one line question "how was the day" after cming back from office....evening tea on weekends....sharing music and nicely written posts on gtalk....pulling a flatmates leg all the time when shez in our room n laughing endlessly ....list goes on....

It was a short lived dream bt full of fun n understanding.....

Take care roomie dear.....
Miss u...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mirage (Something illusory, without reality)

(Something illusory, without reality)

Times come in our life when we are surrounded more by the non-real feelings n non-existent thoughts than the ones that actually exist. Infact it is us only who make sure that these things are around while doing most of the things and following the life's routine.
We keep on moving thru life's passage considering these mirages as reality or infact keep a desire to convert these into reality.
So in a certain manner these mirages gives us a reason to start our day showcases a short term goal if not long gives a new nut shell gives direction to whatever we do or think..!!

Looking beyond these non real things makes us feel the pain which is frankly telling there is no point in thinking beyond the present for most of the situations as every day every minute every event has to happen and it will happen at its own time...its just a matter of instead of waiting for things to happen...just do the things which will make sure that the events happening were really worth the wait.

Life is a struggle that everyone does to convert the Mirages into a in real sense it is only the Mirage that exists and makes us sail thru life’s sea happily..:)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

FRIEND - Few Relations In Earth Never Die!!

FRIEND - Few Relations In Earth Never Die!!

Cant explain the joy i felt after seeing her after a longgg time...she was looking just like a princess... a fairy that we used to see in our dreams...yes she was one of us....a part of our college very very good friend and the bride!!!
i could not undestand what to say and what to listenen to at that time....she was entering into a new phase of her life and i could see on her face the maturity to handle the responsibility.
and then came another pleasant moment...i saw him ..i didnt know how to to call him... how to "address" him ...everything was just happening.
all the time i was talking to myself only...i was trying to restrict myself to behave in a certain yes it was difficult for me...
in the spur of moment few words were exchanged n i was still figuring it out that it was him... yes he was the very very good friend...a brother infact he is to me...
it was really nice to see him in that attire....finally it was happening...they were together after a long long wait....

my whole college gang had come to attend the occassion...we too had a gr8 gr8 time...refreshed the old sweet memories....recalled good old days n tried to relive the passion again...

touch wood but we have become a part of each others life to such an extent that now i dont feel like that m meeting them after a long long time or something like that..and by gods grace we all have been able to maintain a relationship that started almost 7 years ago....yes it does require efforts...from these things can never be taken for granted and all relations are 1:1 except for the parental relationship...
ppl do expect you to behave responsibly and sensibly when they themselves are behaving in that manner.

God has been at our side there is no sense of insecurity for these relations...these have bcome a foundation for anything and everything. At any point in time ..u look back and u will always find them standing there for you. wat more can one ask for in a life time....!!

my previous post wasnt reflecting a nice phase of life bt yes now m back with a full store of enery with a handful of new dreams...

hope the coming year will gimme the strength to convert all my dreams into reality....strength to keep all my relationships with a great care and love...strength to stand upto the expectations of others who belong to me...

So here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! starting a new circle around the sun....

Wishing a very Happy New Year to my family...all my friends...and to everyone!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Options...Paths...Alternatives...way outs...choices

Options...Paths...Alternatives...way outs...choices

what is it that actually makes us look for options in life.....

is it over availability of few things lets say time love or money
is it tendency to get the best always
is it another way to keep ourselves bzy so as to avoid unnecessary thinking process...
is it to avoid the thought of some hurting moments
is it to relive the good old days
is it a try to giv some direction to a bzy strenuous life style

or is it just a search....a search for a never ending quest callled life!!!!